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Sinful paradisevideo

A new web series called Sinful Paradise is about to debut this Fall. Based out of Atlanta, it has a few familiar faces that we all know, Dred Carpenter, Onyx Keesha and Tamika Shannon of Between Women, Kissa...
between women the movievideo

I know you made the Roc eyebrow when you saw this post. Yep, Between Women says that they are coming back with a Between Women movie. A new Kickstarter has been posted asking everyone to pull out their wallets....
standpoint pilot episodevideo

Tery, Johnny, and Marco make up a team of professional criminals lead by Slim. After splitting up while fleeing the police during a heist Johnny has an altercation with Slim, setting off a chain of chaotic events for the...

Detective Stillwell lets Officer White try his hand with a sit down with Johnny, another member of the criminal masterminds, for a continued interrogation. Nothing is ever as it seems and the truth varies on each individuals standpoint. Website: http://standpointspts.com Like our...
Standpoint The Series - Marcovideo

Many fans were left wondering what was next for a few popular characters on Between Women after it's second season came to a quick end. Dred Carpenter, who most of us know as Miller of Between Women is now...

WARNING: This film has graphic images and may be uncomfortable for some to watch. Shattered Serenity started as a school project, I wanted to tackle an issue that I felt was very taboo, I decided to do a short about...

Check out Between Women’s finale of season 2. Many were disappointed with questions that were left unanswered and the fact that only 7 episodes a aired this season. The good thing, however, is that it ended with “To Be...

Season 2 of Between Women brings audiences back in the midst of their favorite group of women, each one on their own journeys filled with life's obstacles. From cheating and deception to forgiveness and recovery, this season's salacious story...
between women behind the scenesvideo

The cast of Between Women takes us behind the scenes to see some of their mess ups and crazy moments. Executive Producer/Creator/Writer: Michelle A. Daniel Director/Editor: Christina Brown Follow, Like & Subscribe to Between Women: facebook.com/BetweenWomenTV instagram.com/BetweenWomenTV twitter.com/BetweenWomenTV youtube.com/user/BetweenWomenTV

Starring: Amber "Smiles" Jones as Sunny, Domonique LaToy as Rhonda, Dred Carpenter as Miller, La'Shay as Natalie, Look Alive as Rae, Noble Julz as Brooke, Onyx Keesha as Allison, Shamonique Mattox as Beautiful, Tajir S. Hawkins as Mecca and...




KIN4LIFE Releases New Hit Single, Amazin Shit .