A gripping urban film about two women with different lifestyles who fall in love yet become caught up in a dangerous love triangle where lies, deceit and infidelity emerges to destroy the foundation of their relationship. Based on the novel written by Milon V. Parker.

Roni and Bri have fallen in a forbidden love, where lies and secrets lead to the end of their relationship. Bri tries desperately to move on and forget her past love with Roni. But, she’s in for an unexpected surprise when secrets are revealed and her life is now a twisted love triangle with her past.

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  1. First off I wanna say I’m a huge fan!! I love The Lies We Tell!! I ordered it off of amazon but it was only part two.. How can I order part one? Plz let me know cause I would love to get the one as well.. Keep up the good work!! #TeamLGBT